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Welcome to Reception!



In our final half term of reception, we will be consolidating the knowledge and skills that we have learned, through the topic Blue Planet! There will be a strong focus on the natural world, as well as the responsibilities that we carry and what we can do to look after our wonderful world. All of our children will be working towards achieving the Early Learning Goals set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile, which you can read more about here.



With the end of the academic year fast approaching, we will now begin to focus on providing a smooth transition for our children, so that they are prepared to go into Year 1.

We have already changed our role play area into a 'Year 1 classroom', complete with lined and squared exercise books, phase 4 phonics flashcards, phase 5 & 6 reading books, a 100 square and even Year 1 teacher lanyards for the children to role play becoming their brand new teacher!

Alongside this, each Monday morning from now until the end of term will be 'Year 1 Monday'. During these morning sessions, we will provide the children with English and Maths based activities which they will all be working on and completing at the same time, as they will be expected to in Year 1. 'Year 1 Monday' will also allow our reception children to experience playtime on the 'big playground' with the rest of the school.

As well as this, we have begun making a few trips around the school and to our new classrooms to see what they (and the rest of the school!) looks like, and to talk to our new teachers. On the 5th, 6th and 7th July our children will have the opportunity to become more familiar with their new classroom, as they will be spending the afternoons in there completing fun activities!

You can also help your child become more familiar with Year 1 routines by dropping them off under the canopy each morning, and allowing them to walk to the gate independently, as this is what they will be expected to do when they are in Year 1. It will be much easier for them to begin doing this now, rather than on their first day back in September, going to a new classroom and to a new teacher!



Although the weather has at last begun to warm up again, we would still advise that children bring coats or rain macs to school every day - if it's going to rain, it's guaranteed to be at drop off and pick up times! Lots of the children have similar or the same coats so please ensure that they are labelled, and children know where their name label is.


Parent Workshop

A huge thank you to those parents and carers who were able to attend our workshops. We hope that they were useful to you. If you were unable to attend the workshop, the slide show is available for you here.


Home Learning

Should your child test positive on either a LFT or a PCR test, then home learning will be provided for them via email.

Children should only complete home learning if they feel well enough to do so.


Reading Packets

If your child require a new reading packet, please order a new one through ParentPay.

Flashcards These will support your child in consolidating the sounds, blending skills and tricky words that they have learned in school and will help them maintain the pace at which we are learning them. Please practise these with your child regularly and record this in your child's red reading record.

Reading books Lilac reading books do not contain words but offer the opportunity to develop and tell a story through pictures. Phase books contain simple, phonetically decodable words containing sounds that your child knows, as well as 'tricky words' that your child is familiar with. Encourage your child to read these books as independently as possible. You can support them in sounding out and blending as needed and offer them questions about the book to further their comprehension skills:

Please record their reading experiences in your child's red reading record. We would love to hear how much support they were given to read and understand the texts, and if there were any elements they found challenging or excelled at.

Name writing cards We would like all children to feel confident writing their name using the correct letter formation. Please encourage your child to practise writing their name on a regular basis, using the card provided. You can support them with this by ensuring they are forming the letters correctly. Correct letter formation can be found here.


Children will have have their reading books changed and they will read with an adult on a one to one basis, once per week as well as practising their flashcards with an adult once per week. The day that they read and practise their flashcards can vary, so it is essential that children bring their reading packet to school every day.


Drop Off and Collection

Children can be dropped off at the Reception gate between 8.45am and 9am in the morning.

Collection will be under the canopy between 3.00pm and 3.05pm.



The school will provide both a 'dry snack' (rice cake/bread stick etc.), and a piece of fruit for your child each day, as well as water or milk. Children may bring their own water bottles in to school if they would like to (no squash or juice, only water). If you have already made arrangements to send in your own snack for medical reasons, we kindly ask that you follow our Healthy School Policy


PE Day

PE day will be on a Tuesday. Children should come to school wearing their PE Kit (please label all items of clothing). Children may wear plimsolls or trainers (no laces).


If you have any questions then please feel free to speak to any of the Reception staff on the gate, at drop off or collection time, or to contact the school office to make an appointment.


Many thanks for your support and cooperation,

The Reception Team