St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Loving and Learning together, with Jesus.


Curriculum Intent Statement for Music


In Music we develop the children’s Knowledge and Skills in line with the school’s vision for Knowledge and Skills based curriculum.


We inspire Creativity through the freedom to make music through improvisation and composition.

We encourage Discovery by enabling the children to learn to play new instruments & listen to music across historical periods, styles & cultures.

We foster Curiosity by enabling the children discover where a piece of music comes from, how it is constructed and how it makes us feel.

We develop Independence by allowing the children to discover their learning through a hands-on approach and monitor and evaluate their music-making.

We instil Resilience by enabling the children to practice and perform in solo and group ensembles, and to make and learn from their mistakes.

As a result, the children Respect and Value Music and are Lifelong learners.

Miss P. McGillycuddy, Subject Lead