St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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Curriculum Intent Statement for Computing


In Computing, we develop the children’s Knowledge and Skills in line with the school’s vision for Knowledge and Skills based curriculum. 

We inspire Creativity by encouraging the children to express themselves and develop ideas using range of software, enabling them creating their own Digital Content which is linked to both computing and other curriculum areas. 

We encourage Discovery through learning how digital systems work, and how to put this knowledge to use, applying the fundamental principles and concepts of Computer Science. 

We foster a Curiosity through embracing and utilising a variety of new technology, in our rapidly changing world. 

We develop Independence by modelling and supporting safe and effective participation in the Digital World. Pupils are taught how to find, explore, analyse, exchange & present information. 

We instil Resilience by using Computational Thinking to solve challenging problems, which are then consolidated and expanded upon. 

As a result, the children Respect and Value the importance of becoming users of technology in the modern world and how this impacts our daily lives ensuring that they are Lifelong learners

Miss E. Wright, Subject Lead