St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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Mental Health & Well-Being

Curriculum Intent Statement for Health and Wellbeing



In Mental Health and Wellbeing, we develop the children’s knowledge, values and attitudes in line with the school’s vision for knowledge and skills based curriculum.

We inspire creativity by expressing ourselves in different ways and valuing one another as unique individuals.

We encourage discovery by learning more about ourselves, our friends and our world and taking notice of the beauty of what surrounds us.

We foster a curiosity by questioning how we can support each other and ourselves. We are open to try new things.

We develop independence by connecting with our own hearts, connecting with each other and connecting with our world.

We instil resilience by being self-reflective and continuing to try repeatedly, no matter how long it may take. We support each other and approach each day with a positive thought.

As a result, the children respect and value Health and Wellbeing and are lifelong learners.





Websites for support





MoodBooster clips: 


Cosmic Yoga Kids: 


Calm Zone: 


Wellbeing monthly tasks:


Guided Meditation on Youtube:


PE with Joe on Youtube: 


Miss L. Ponting, Subject Lead