St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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Curriculum Intent Statement for Geography


In Geography we develop the children’s Knowledge and Skills in line with the school’s vision for a Knowledge and Skills based curriculum.

We inspire Creativity by providing a curriculum that has relevance and gives ample opportunity for ‘hands on’ experiences.

We encourage Discovery by exploring a range of places both locally, nationally and internationally. By moving progressively from our unique local Geography in Billericay and Essex and finally through to global Geography, the children have a clear sense of who they are and their heritage.

We foster a Curiosity by following an enquiry led approach. The children are exposed to probing questions which require them to hypothesise, debate, form opinions and express concern.

We develop Independence by encouraging learners to ‘have a go’ and draw on links with prior learning.

We instil Resilience by ensuring that the children have ample opportunity to go back and refine, change or adapt their thinking. Such an approach encourages them to keep delving further and set new goals and challenges.

As a result the children Respect and Value Geography.  They have a genuine interest in the subject and a thirst to know, explore and think more deeply.


They become ‘Geographers’ in the truest sense of the word.

Miss L. Lewis, Subject Lead