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Year 5


Welcome to Year 5


Our topic this term is 'Carnival'.  The children will learn more about the geography of South America. On this page, you will find our Year 5 curriculum map, which gives the overview of learning across the year; weekly homework; and any additional information we need to communicate with our parents.


If you would like further information about learning at St Peter’s, please visit the curriculum section of our website. If you would like to speak to one of the Year 5 teachers about learning, please do not hesitate in contacting them.


For our play 'Hoodwinked' we will be wearing shades of the forest

eg browns, greens, oranges, beige.  

Please provide your child with a plain top e.g. t-shirt/ shirt and a plain bottom e.g. shorts, trousers, leggings in forest colours. 

Please no 'sparkles' or football shirts.   

If your child is wearing an adult t-shirt, please provide them with a belt.

We will wear our school shoes on our feet.

Please write your name inside the clothes and on the carrier bag.

Costumes need to be in school by Monday. 



Please make sure your child knows and can use these facts: 

1000g= 1kg;  

0.5 Kg = 500g;  

0.25 Kg = 250g;

0.75 = 750g;

100 cm = 1m;

0.5m = 50 cm;

0.25(one quarter) m = 25cm;

0.75 (three quarters) = 75 cm;

1000ml = 1 L ;

500ml = 0.5 L 

250 ml = 0.25 L

750ml= 0.75 L 



Some Reminders:

Measures -  Please help your children to remember the key facts for each e.g. Weight - is measured in Kilograms/kg or grams/g; there are 1000g in a kilogram; 0.5kg is 500g or 1/2 a kg; perhaps suggest something that weighs a kilogram or 50g.  Please also practise telling the time. 

Spelling / Multiplication and Division Facts - It is expected that you know all your tables up to 12 x 12 and can spell ALL the words on the Year 3/4 list and beginning to spell the words on the Year 5/6 list (see the folder below).
Equipment - Please remember to label all your  clothes (including PE kit and hats and gloves) and your water bottle and sandwich box.  


Homework - Mathematics Homework,  Literacy homework and new spellings will be published on our class page.  You must complete mathematics and literacy in your homework book EVERY WEEK BY WEDNESDAY.  

Days -  Spellings and tables will be tested on Thursdays.  Our indoor PE day is Tuesday and outdoor PE is Monday (5M) Wednesday (5E).  Our library day is Friday.  Homework is set on Friday (when books go home and homework is published on our class page)  and due by Wednesday.


Snacks - Please ensure you have a healthy snack of fruit or vegetables or salad or plain breadsticks or plain rice cakes or plain popcorn each day.  Water bottles should be filled and may be topped up from our water dispensers during the day.  Try to bring fruits in a combination of different colours as part of your five-a-day and our aim to 'Eat a Rainbow'. 


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