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Who's Who

Headteacher :  Mrs K Parker                                       Deputy Headteacher : Miss K Swanton



Miss K Griffin (Reception)                                                                   Miss L Joseph (Reception)


Mrs A McPherson-Davis ( Year 1)                                             Miss L Ponting ( Year 1)                   




Mrs N Tilly ( year 2)                                                                        Miss S Smith (Year 2)




Miss S Squibb (Year 3)                                                                Miss B Dunne (Year 3)



Mrs A Sparke - Assistant Headteacher 

 (Year 4)                                                                                                   Miss L Lewis (Year 4)




Miss C Edwards (Year 5)                                                                           Mrs L Morgan (year 5)




  Mrs A Connolly                                                                                                                          




Mrs C Broadbridge - Assistant Headteacher & Inclusion                     

   Mrs L Downey (Year 6)                                                                           Mrs C Miles (Year 6)


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs M Baker                                                                                  Mme J Giannotti (French/ICT)


Mrs S King   (PE)                                                                                               Mrs W Hession

Mrs A Murphy (Library)                                                                

Office Staff

Mrs T Lammin (Bursar-Office Manager)                                                          Mrs M Bignold

Mrs M Corking                                                                                             Mrs M Foster


Mrs C Morris                                                                                                  Site Manager
                                                                                                                       Mr Derek Gourley

Teaching Assistants
                                                                                                                            Mrs F Maher      
          Mrs J Maddison                                                                                                         

   Mrs V Goodspeed                                                                                               Mrs S Godfrey

Mrs S King                                                                                                       Mrs Matthews


                                                                                                                     Mrs L Ash

Mrs D McLeod                                                                                                      

Mrs K  Murphy                                                                                                 Mrs J Phillips     

Mrs  A Philpot                                                                                                     


Mrs C Woolgar                                                                                           Mrs K De Freitas

 Mrs B Lammin                                                                                                          Mrs L Izzillo

Mrs Hernandez

Midday Staff   
Mrs S Hope (Midday Supervisor

Mrs N Brownlee         Mrs O Hadley                Mrs L O'Mahoney    Mrs A Hogan
Mrs L Gladwin            Mrs S McInerey              Mrs M Barwick         Mrs C Carter

Mrs V Bin Santos        Mrs L Tolhurst                Ms L Doody

Mrs J Rivett                Mrs F Walker       

Catering Manager - Mrs C Findlater

Assistant Cook -

Catering Assistants - Mrs N Flanagan  Mrs K Lindsay  Mrs T Russell          

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