St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Loving and Learning together, with Jesus.


Please find attached below, some suggested activities you may like to complete with your children over the Easter holiday. These can be recorded in the To and Fro books.

The one activity we would like the children to complete is the Reception Reading Challenge.

Sharing stories and books with an adult is essential in developing your child's reading skills. With this in mind, we would like the children to share a book with you each day. 


There are many different skills the children can develop through reading with you or listening to you read. Below are some ideas for you to focus on.


Spot all the tricky words that they know on a page before reading it together.

Be a digraph spotter and see how many times they can spot a particular digraph on a page. Can they segment and blend these words to read them?

Learn, by listening to you read, how to add expression and make a text engaging for the listener.

Share reading a story. Can they follow the print and read all the words that they recognise.

Read a rhyming text and talk about the words that rhyme.

Talk about their favourite character or part of the story.

Predict how the story will end, then read to see if they were right.

Think about how they could change the end of the story.

Read two books by the same author, what is the same, what is different?


The possibilities are endless but most importantly just enjoy sharing stories together as this will foster a love of reading.


Good luck with the challenge and have a very Happy Easter