St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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18th May  2018

Dear Parents


In preparation for our science day on Thursday, we would like the children to create a fact file on the hedgehog. You should include it's habitat, feeding habits, lifecycle, which countries it can be found in, and any other information you would like to add, as well as a drawing. This will be linked to the work we carry out next week in class. Please remember the features of an information text-subheading, bullet points, technical language.



In commemoration of the royal wedding, and to revise your Roman numerals, please work out the date of the wedding eg day/month/year,

the ages of Meghan and Prince Harry,

the combined age of the Queen and Prince Philip!

Choose another member of the Royal Family, and work out their age in Roman numerals.

Challenge-work out their date of birth too!

Enjoy the wedding!



Many thanks