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Healthy Schools

 And the winners are ....
... Please see our healthy eating page to see
the winning fruit sculpture designs.

 Welcome to our 'Healthy Schools' Webpage. 
Please scroll down the page to find links to our sub-pages
on being healthy and keeping safe.  
There you will find useful documents and links to other websites.

"We think it's important for us to be a healthy school because being healthy gives our bodies more energy and power so we can have fun, keep fit and not get poorly"  Year 3 Pupils

"We believe it is important to teach our children about how to lead a healthy lifestyle so they are empowered to make the right choices"  Staff

"We think it is important to be part of a healthy school because it encourages us to eat well plus we have the opportunity to take part in so many different sports which keep us fit"  Year 5 Pupils


Gallery - please click to view

Taking in fresh air in the outdoor classroom

Taking in fresh air in the outdoor classroom (222KB)

Looking after each other

Looking after each other (121KB)

Helping each other

Helping each other (266KB)

Making up new games

Making up new games (255KB)

Eating different colours for different vitamins

Eating different colours for different vitamins (188KB)

Enjoying part of our 'five a day'

Enjoying part of our 'five a day' (166KB)

There's a huge choice of things we can eat

There's a huge choice of things we can eat (225KB)

In This Section...

Parent Advice - Preventing Abuse and Child Protection

The safeguarding of our children is of vital importance. All staff are trained to identify signs of abuse (including neglect), radicalisation and extr...

Parent Advice - Road Safety

"I always wear my helmet when I am on my bike." Year 2 child "I hold mummy's hand when we are walking to school." &...

Parent Advice - Healthy Eating

"We try to eat a rainbow." "We enjoy our healthy hot dinners as they are scrumptious!" Year 2 pupil. "I love sc...

Parent Advice - Keeping Children Safe when playing away from home

"I tell my parents where I am and what time I will be back..." Year 6 child. "If I get lost, I will tell a police officer or the p...

Parent Advice on Safety at Home including fire safety, playing out and hazards in your home

"I tell mummy when I am hurt because she always knows what to do." Reception child. "Never drink water, or juice near a comput...

Parent Advice on E -Safety and staying safe online

Thank you to our parents and carers who attended theOnline Safety Presentation delivered by arepresentative from The Child Exploitation ...

Children's Advice - E Safety

"I make sure I am safe online because I never give my personal details and I tell an adult if something strange comes up on my screen.&q...

Safer Internet Day - 7th February 2017

We recognised Internet Safety Day 2017 with anassembly on the importance of staying safe online. This year’s focus was the importa...

Staying Safe Week 2016

"I have learnt how to 'Walk Tall' and be confident. "I know to tell a trusted adult if I am hurt, scared or worried." &...

Documents - please click to open

pdf.gif: Good News Report

Good News Report

Staff and pupils welcomed moderators from Healthy Schools on 24th May 2016. Here is their report.
File size: 391KB (PDF File)

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